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Postby Cracked Pleasures » Tue Jun 20, 2006 6:17 pm

I am currently checking the option of spending some time in Australia (and by 'some time', I don't mean a few weeks ;) ), not sure if it will happen but I do hope to go over very soon for some job interviews and try to find something.

Can someone tell me though how the visum applications work? I know normally you either need to pay lot of money or find a sponsor... But as I do regular office jobs and no specialised work, it's unlikely that a company will want to sponsor me, unless they need my language skills (I speak 4 languages, but teaching is out of option due to my Asperger Syndrome).

However, I heard that there is a special program for young travellers (= under 26 years of age) to get a long-term visum without having to pay high amounts... I am 24 (turning 25 within a few months) so I would still qualify. Can someone tell me a bit more about it?

As I said: it is not sure yet that this will happen, I am just very interested in it and looking for what would be possible... Fingers crossed...
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