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Strangeways promotions

PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:46 am
by Cracked Pleasures
There may be a topic on this already somewhere but scrolling down quite a bit I did not see one, thus... Moderators, feel free to merge if this topic did already exist indeed somewhere, I could not find any.

I only recently gotten into using Facebook after I had already used MySpace for a longer time (well, used... only the blogging and profile part, not so much the forum part) and I noticed on Facebook there are a few Smiths discussion groups and fanpages you can subscribe to. Each of them has a sort of public messaging system.

This is all great but it does not beat a real cosy forum dedicated entirely to the Smiths, and I am sure many people feel that way. So I figured, given the popularity of these networking/profile sites, that this is maybe a good place to fish for some extra Strangewaysians? I think it may be a good place because quality is more important than quantity, better to have a smaller number of really members than a large melting pot where half of them is not contributing a lot. Most of these fan groups on those profile sites tend to have a large number of members but the posts are generally only read by a minority who are really serious fans and did not sign up in an impulsive moment. On Facebook there is a "All hail Steven Morrissey and the Smiths" group with a relatively good number of members ...

Re: Strangeways promotions

PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:54 am
by Pashernate_Lover
I say go for it, but then again I am worried about messing up the delicate balance we have on here, so I say do it gently, choose Smiths groups well- I believe in your choices.