Week 6: Elko

In which a member is mercilessly questioned by the rest of us....for fun!

Postby rubygirl » Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:11 pm

my dear online friends, we're entering phase 6 of this precious little journey in your members' heads...
the interviewee this week is the guy we owe the very existence of this lovely forum to --
<!--coloro:#6600CC--><span style="color:#6600CC"><!--/coloro-->Mr Ellis Jones<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->, <!--coloro:#009900--><span style="color:#009900"><!--/coloro-->of course<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--> -

so let us come up with some delicious questions for him!

You may send them to me as a PM, I'll clean some space in the message box :)
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Postby elko » Thu Sep 28, 2006 4:44 pm

I'm actually nervous! No tough questions please.
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Postby Pashernate_Lover » Fri Sep 29, 2006 6:12 pm

On which day are you sending the questions to him, Ruby?
A note upon his desk
"P.S. Bring Me Home And Have Me!"
Leather elbows on a tweed coat
Is THAT the best you can do ?
So came his reply :
"But on the desk is where I want you!"
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Postby rubygirl » Sat Sep 30, 2006 12:03 pm

Pashernate_Lover wrote:On which day are you sending the questions to him, Ruby?

We have quite a few questions gathered already :D I intend to send them on Sunday Morning.

So - there is still time for asking even more;)
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Postby rubygirl » Mon Oct 02, 2006 3:14 pm

<!--coloro:#CC0000--><span style="color:#CC0000"><!--/coloro-->So, here they come .... the revelations...the answers....<!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc-->

On getting started....

1. Why did you decide to start up Strangeways? how did the idea grow of starting a forum for the Smiths?

I think it was just a natural thing. I was frequenting a few forums at the time, and there wasn't one for The Smiths, as far as I could see. Having no interest in Morrissey solo, I thought I would try a specific Smiths one. There was a low-key free forum for a few days, and then someone (Ross) offered me this webspace and forum facility. I think Esther is the only person who has been around right from that start.

2. How did you decide on the name 'Strangeways'?

It seemed like the only Smiths reference that could be seen as an actual place. Having a lyric quote as the title would've been just a tad predictable. And it has the prison connotation too, which I like.

3. What has been your favourite Strangeways moment over the years?

The photoshopping of a 'ripped' Morrissey ticket was great. But a ton of posts have made me laugh. Mostly I like the camaraderie that goes on from day to day. I think the Hailing Frequency is the best invention in the world.

4. Any word on Noonan?

No, very strange. Since the Manchester meet-up that he was supposed to be coming to, the only contact has been brief, and via the forums. I can only assume he has more important things going on.

5. Since you are the lovely god of these forums, I'm curious about your techincal expertise. What kind of experience do you have with computer systems/web development?

Almost none. I know how to use Google. Anything else, I tend to research, and deal with as little as I need to.

6. After so long, how do you really feel about this forum? Pride? Empowerment? Disappointment? Love?

It's a lot of stuff, but almost all positive. There are so many people on here that have changed my perpective on so many things. I think probably now I wouldn't set up a Smiths forum because I don't feel the same about the band, but there's no doubt that I am completely glad about knowing all the great people on here.

Our favourite subject ....music...
7. What or who helped shape your musical taste(s) and your aspirations to be a guitar player?

My musical taste came first from my dad, and then from my friends, and then from just listening to a lot of stuff and looking out for all sorts of music. Something like the Beatles, I think it is just natural instinct to like. I think I really wanted to be a guitarist once I started taking lessons and seeing the versatility of it. Folk, jazz, blues, metal, rock...most music of the last century has been based around the guitar. I've started to hate guitar bands a bit now because it seems so stupid to limit yourself to a sound and claim to be doing anything new, but there's still something about the sound of it that is fantastic.

8. What was your favorite band before the Smiths came along- how have they changed your tastes?

Before, it was the Beatles. After, probably still the Beatles. But that's a bit unfair. The Smiths introduced me to the whole world of indie music, I think....Belle & Sebastian, Neutral Milk Hotel, the Fall....any of my favourite bands I probably started listening to as a result of wanting to hear more stuff like the Smiths.

9. What is the story behind the name of your band The Lauras?

Laura is called Laura. She suggested The Lauras. Was the best name we could think of.

10. The Lauras, are they the future & where are they going? Or, in other words:
By when will we see The Lauras headlining Glastonbury? ;)

We're going to the future! I like us a lot, but I think we're still at about the smallest stage a band can be at. Glasto 2009 would be a reasonable target. Hope to see you there.

On life & death....
When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

1. I never really wanted to be anything but a musician, and even that was very vague until I was fifteen or sixteen. I'm don't think I'm an ambitious person, but I do sort of think that have talent enough to be able to do...whatever I want to. Wow, that's arrogant, I guess.

12. Do you think that children are naturally good? Why or why not?

I think that children are born inherently tyranical, but I don't have the knowledge to back it up, only recollections of things I've read or have seen....like the Milgrim (?) experiment...I think morals are part of society, and not something you're born with.

13. What's your worst life experience?

No idea. I've been mostly free from trauma my whole life. When my dad was in hospital a couple of years ago it cut me up a bit...but I guess it must've been worse for him. Other than that, it's not events, it's just specific feelings.

14. What was the most embarassing thing that ever happened to you?

I found my school leavers' book when I was cleaning the other day, and almost every message from my friends contains reference to an embarrassing anecdote of drunkenness, and either trying to dance, or trying to pull, and coming out looking foolish each time. But I don't really want to share any of those, because I would look like an idiot. And I'm not!

15. What's your best life experience?

No idea. Days when I'm happy are brilliant, but I tend not to remember them. I don't think I could point to one thing and say it was the best thing ever.

16. Are you afraid of death?


17. What do you think of suicide?

I think I would never try it because I am such a coward I couldn't face those few seconds of pain before actually dying. And I don't believe in any sort of afterlife, so I think that rather than commit suicide, why not just move to a different country, and hitchhike? It seems to be sort of limiting your options, when in life there's always something new to try.

18. What quote do you want to be printed on your later tombstone?

Nothing pretentious, just the name and dates and that.

19. What are your own spiritual beliefs?

I believe in science, mainly. I always used to believe in ghosts as a matter-of-fact sort of thing - they just existed, I never questioned it. But I am healthily skeptical about tall stories now, and anything involving the supernatural or aliens or visions or whatever I absolutely don't believe.

20. Do you have a favorite place you like to spend time at, a place to hang out, whether alone or with friends?

Alone, I like fields and parks and things like that, walking the dog always gives me some thinking time. My friends now aren't the sort to just hang out really, but in schooldays it was always some park bench, usually with a bottle of White Star or something. I like people's houses, or people's rooms, there's always stuff of interest and you get to know a bit more about people.

21. Have you ever visited Stonehenge?!

No...strange really. Most historical places round here I have seen at some point, all the castles, Glastonbury Tor, Avebury....I guess I will go eventually.

22. If you were officially made king of our humble abode, what laws would you pass?

What's our humble abode? The forum? England? I think they're both doing okay as they are.

24. Imagine you'd find one of them bottles with spirits and they let you have one wish. What would it be?

I'd like to be the best footballer in the world.

25. Would you ever consider being a farmer?

No, the early starts would kill me.

26. Would you ever resort to cannibalism if it were the only option left to stay alive?

I think so, but it's hard to say. I don't think I could do it if it was someone I knew.

27. You meet the evil and infamous Xuu in a darkened alleyway- the sun is setting and she stands there in the shadows smoking a cigarette- she flicks it at your feet and says "At last we meet Ellis Jones- what? Don't you remember me, its me... Xuu- what're you gunna' do about it?"- do you flee or fight the evil?

Hahaha. Flee, certainly. I'm not very good at admin-ing real life.

28. Would you rather walk in on your parents or have them walk in on you? If one of this has already happened- which was it?

Neither has happened. I don't think I have a preference.

And back to the immediate reality now....
29. Do you think marijuana should be legal or illegal?


30. What do you think about police in your country? Are they effective? Do you
trust them?

There are policemen who are idiots and racist and violent, and so I wouldn't trust the police force implicitly. But I do think that they mostly do a fine job, and the law's never done me wrong or anything.

31. How do you choose what books to read?

Usually just picking up stuff at random from the library, or sometimes I'll find something of interest on the net or TV and want to learn a bit more about it. I'm only really reading non-fiction at the moment, most of history is more exciting than tacky novels.

32. Will Bristol City ever get promoted?


33. Do you speak any Welsh yourself?

No, I know a few words picked up from road signs, and my grandparents. Oh, and I can sing the Welsh bits in most Gorkys songs. It's an amazing language.

34. Did you get a job yet?

Not yet, but I suppose that I will have to in the next couple of weeks. I love just lazing around, I am one of those people who would happily do nothing forever, but I need the money for y'know...going out and that. My friend said he'd refer me to this call centre. Those words alone are enough to strike fear into my heart, but I really wouldn't want a job that involves any sort of pressure on me to use resourcefulness or enthusiasm.

...enter the mythology realm... ;)
35. Favourite mythical animal?

Unicorn? I can't really think of any.

36. Favourite mythical personality/ hero/ fairytale character?

Do Disney characters count? I don't really have an interest in mythical.....beings, the fantastical ones, anyway, I never understood. I like Robin Hood though.


And for next week, Elks has nominated our beloved Grim O'Grady!
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Postby Grim O'Grady » Tue Oct 03, 2006 11:41 am

I like the way you set out the Q's Ruby!

excellent questions & revealing answers.

Oh & thanks Elks on throwing me in to the pit next :D
the pleasure, the privilege is mine!


P.s. please be gentle with me

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Postby rubygirl » Tue Oct 03, 2006 6:41 pm

Grim O'Grady wrote:
Oh & thanks Elks on throwing me in to the pit next :D
the pleasure, the privilege is mine!

oh, no, Grim, it's ours ;) :D
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