Coachella reunion rumours... once again

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Coachella reunion rumours... once again

Postby Cracked Pleasures » Wed Dec 17, 2008 7:27 pm

In one of the most famous Belgian papers there was an article published a few days ago that a Smiths reunion would be "closer than ever before" (quote from the journalist). The paper reports that Coachella would want the band to do a reunion gig and would be prepared to offer a sum so huge that even Morrissey would not refuse anymore. The paper does not quote any sources nor any rumours about a reunion tour rather than a once off reunion gig.

If anyone interested I can post the URL but it is in Dutch (however, when you trust Babelfish or Google Translations and want to read the article...)

I am sceptic, very sceptic. Coachella reunion rumours have existed for several years and each time it was just a stupid make belief. Morrissey has money enough to be able to afford to reject a sum that most others would accept without a second of doubt. I also would say Mozzer looks like the type of person stubborn enough to not let money break his principles, nor restore his fractured relationship with Rourke and especially Joyce. The maximum I can see happening is Marr and Morrissey someday back on stage together with a different bass player and drummer. I would be very surprised if this new rumour would be true, especially when it is published in a newspaper that is reknown for daily "WAG of the day" pictures and other such rubbish. It would be great if the Smiths would reunite and really manage to pull off a performance like back in the days (and forget their courtcases and fights for just a short moment) and I would see myself capable of flying to California for such a gig should I have the finances. But.... how many of these rumours have we had before? And each time it was just nothing. So allow me to be sceptic. Although maybe I am too pessimistic when it comes to Smiths reunions. You never know, but I just dont see Morrissey forget everything that happened for the sake of adding a few millions to his already interesting bank statement.
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