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Hello. And just to prove, in advance, that what I am asking is not with the intention of mockery, I offer the following information. I saw The Smiths twice - Albert Hall in spring 85, Palladium in autumn 87. I have the records - even the dance remixes of This Charming Man.

Which is by way of introducing the fact that I'm seeking an avid, long-term Morrissey fan - preferably one based in the south-east UK, for a feature for the G2 section of the Guardian. I'm assistant features editor of the Guardian, and one of the things I run is a visual feature called Kugler's People. Our brilliant illustrator, Olivier Kugler, meets a varierty of different subjects - political refugees, chip shop owners, prostitutes, farmers who shoot badgers, model village volunteers - all of whom are ordinary people with an unusual tale to tell. He interviews them, photographs them, and then produces a wonderful annotated illustration that we run in the paper. Ahead of the UK tour, I'm really keen to do one on a long-term, highly committed Smiths/Morrissey fan - the kind who follows him from gig to gig, buys everything, has the quiff, the Salford Lads' Club poster and all. We'd want to talk about the nature of fandom, and of the particular appeal of Morrissey. It's a colour piece - it's light, and gentle. All the words on the spread would be from what the interviewee told Olivier - there is no editorial comment at all. Just your words.
Would anyone here a) fit that bill and <!--emo&B)-->Image<!--endemo--> be interested in doing this, preferably this Weds (or even tomorrow). I stress again: we would not be taking the mickey out of you. (Oliver's a fan, too. Though not of 23 years' standing). As a mark of good faith, don't PM me: email me direct at I'd love to hear from you.
All best.
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