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Postby WELL I WONDER » Fri Mar 17, 2006 2:30 pm

Hello all!This is my debut posting so I'm sure I'm going over old ground.
Maybe my post is a little controversial and possibly not discussed on this site? In the recent nme artical,it was mentioned morrissey had a partner
in LA.Is this true? <!--emo&:o-->Image<!--endemo-->
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Postby weasey » Mon Mar 20, 2006 4:57 pm

There were rumours put about that Morrissey was seeing someone, and it is quite likely that he was and maybe still is. Who it is or was, isn't clear and I hope it stays that way.

I don't think this is exactly the major revelation that the nme implied and nor do I think Morrissey has just broken his celibacy as has been suggested by every single critic. He hasn't professed himself to be celibate since about 1984, but like he said in the nme, the word has been a curse ever since.

The critics have really been eating out on 'Dear God Please Help Me' which is a pain in the arse becuase he's been singing about gay sex from Reel Around The Fountain onwwards. There have been rumours knocking around for years... some of which he has nutured more than others (take a look at the sleeve of Vauxhall and I).
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