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Postby Cracked Pleasures » Sun Sep 03, 2006 5:53 pm

I thought it would maybe be a good idea to do a bit of promotion for the bands we know but are not widely known to a bigger audience. Most of them will be bands only active on regional scale, or bands without proper record deal to date. I learnt however that some of them are really good, and deserve to be known to a bigger audience.

Here's a few I recommend:

MESSIAH SYNDROME : a metal/industrial band from Derry here in Northern Ireland. Their powerful sound and especially the highly powerful voice of singer Sean (live he sings even louder and stronger than on record) create a sound that, if you like metal, will stick to your brain and leave a significant impression. They did the support act for Hatebreed who were quite impressed as well. The band released two demo's so far and is hoping for a professional deal anytime soon. While waiting for that, they continue touring Ireland on regular basis.

A gothic/wave band from London who are well-known in the (small) gothscene of the UK and Ireland, but who in my opinion deserve a breakthrough internationally. The power of the band is definitely singer Twinkle Lemora, a highly charismatic person on stage with a voice and personality that could be the gothic version of David Bowie. Their song "Dread The Day (Cities Rise)" has become a sort of anthem in some of the British and Irish gothic clubs.
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Belfast based gothic act (the guitarist is a person I know from the local goth pub !) driven by a strong guitar sound creating a dark gloomy atmosphere, forming the basis for the vocals by Andy and Louise. The band exists for half a year now and is about to release their first demo.
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