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Postby Still Ill » Wed Jun 15, 2005 7:34 am

So who ended up going to IOW? Someone give a decent mini review.
elko's going to Glastonbury. Anyone else? elko, do you have a one day pass, or more than one, which day? I took a closer look at the line-up. Sunday would be my day: Cake, The Bravery, The Dears, The La's, Ryan Adams, Van Morrisson, Brian Wilson. But wait! Scratch Sunday. British Sea Power play on Friday. With, Costello, The Killers, The Thrills. But Echo and the Bunnymen on Saturday. <!--emo&:blink:-->Image<!--endemo-->
Maybe Glastonbury edges out The Coachella Festival that just passed through.
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Postby elko » Wed Jun 15, 2005 1:41 pm

I'm there for the duration, and The La's are the band I'm looking forward to the most. But BSP and Costello on Friday complete the holy trinity for me I think.
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Postby Mrs Shankly » Wed Jun 15, 2005 2:43 pm

I went to IOW just for the Saturday. Deeply saddened by the absence of Morrissey, though it was lovely to see so many people had donned their Smiths and Moz tshirts anyway!

Nine Black Alps were pretty good - not a great deal of stage presence but some promising tunes. Babyshambles were awesome, and I'm not a Doherty fan. Ray Davies was FAB!! He did a fair few Kinks songs and has a lot of charisma. Goldie Lookin Chain were funny - quite cool to see them live. I avoided Feeder as, basically, I can't stand them. Roxy Music were pretty cool and Mr Ferry still has it! Decided to leave before Travis in case they did a Smiths or Moz cover, which I have since found out was the case. They covered "Everyday Is Like Sunday" so I'm glad I was not witness to that.
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Postby the_queen_is_dead » Wed Jun 15, 2005 8:36 pm

it's not exactly a festival as such but i'm going to live 8. and i will consider it a festival in my mind because there are that many bands playing <!--emo&:P-->Image<!--endemo-->
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Postby tallulahtaurus » Thu Jun 16, 2005 11:36 pm

i have done in my livejournal ......<a href='' target='_blank'>lulahbelles livejournal, click if your interested!!</a>
i was upset by the lack of the moz and i wore my smiths and morrissey t-shirts pretty much throughout and managed to have a few nice convos with people because of them

if moz had been there it would have been all that bit more wondrous but goldie lookin chain were wondrous!! s-u-i-c-i-d-e it may be messy but its money for free

what a shame their album is impossible to get hold of!!
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Postby Still Ill » Thu Jun 16, 2005 11:44 pm

Hey there, Tallulah.
So what do you think of Johnny playing Patti Smith's Meltdown? I'm not overly keen on folk music, respectful of it, but to see Johnny play period would be enough for me.
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Postby Still Ill » Sat Jul 02, 2005 11:38 pm

Hi clarky and rubygirl. Anyone catch any of the Live 8 stuff? I watched some of it here and there. Am getting the place ready for 4th of July festivities here at the house. It's a busy time around here with the holiday near!
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Postby clarky » Sat Jul 02, 2005 11:46 pm

wow, someone noticed me <!--emo&:o-->Image<!--endemo-->

anywho yeh i caught most of it...

coldplay with richard ashcroft was forking amazing

rem did a nice little set

madonna got annoying with that extened version of music

paul mccaurtney did a great set, barring helter skelter

and u2 yet again was nice

razorlight did a great little set

the rest...mehh, there heart was in the right place
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