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Just a wee little topic to promote the probably most talented band ever to rise out of the grey suburbs of Dublin... No, not U2, but their contemporaries Dave-Id, Guggi and Gavin Friday.

The Virgin Prunes were formed out of the underground 'gang' Lypton Village (which also contained one Bono Vox, one The Edge, ...) but unlike their friends the Virgin Prunes had a different approach to their artworks. They did a very unique mix of a multitude of styles: rock, cabaret, poetry on music, gothic, wave, ... They tried to seek the ugly side below the surface of beauty, but also searched for the pretty side of what seemed ugly. Their songs varied from club anthems such as Caucasian Walk to poetry-readings (such as Theme For Thought) and some of their recordings were just abstract sounds (one of the songs for example is just the sound of birds flying around in an empty church building). The band tried to alienate their own audience and create a sort of music that was bizarre and unaccessible, yet also very unique and creative.

The band split up in the eighties (Gavin Friday is doing paintings ever since) but their albums have been re-issued in a remastered edition lately.

He didn't wear his scarlet robe for blood and wine are red
And blood and wine were on his hands when they found him with the dead
With the dead woman whom he loved and murdered in her bed...
Keep it flaming your desire, always rising higher - Aim for stars and hit the sky
(Echo & The Bunnymen - Evergreen, 1996)

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