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Cracked Pleasures wrote:I didn't ask it to stir up a debate, just out of interest. Because, let's face it, Morrissey and the Smiths have always had a certain political undertone. Songs enough (eg The Queen Is Dead, Irish Blood English Heart, America Is Not The World, ... even the overall joking Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others contains a small hidden political reference). So I guess most Smiths/Moz fans do have a certain opinion on it, because Moz is often very explicit on political issues so it's hard to ignore his stands.

So I can imagine it may feel unpleasant to some when he launches an anti-American statement. Still, he seems to have a huge following in the States. Does that mean his local fans agree with his critics towards USA, or does it mean they keep a distance between their own political views and his?

But that's what I miss about the Smiths music, the political undertones. Moz' flat-out bashing, it's too angry for my liking. I sit on the fence on some issues, but generally, speaking for myself, I keep my views distant. I'm guessing lots of Moz fans here in the States (myself included) are attracted by his style of writing, individualism, bed-sit upbringing, and now politically, which is more relevant than ever. In a roundabout way, a little of both, Gerrit! See, I'd never make a decent (or indecent) politician! Hah.
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